Where no man has GOne before!


Where no man has GOne before!


Let's start by running the binary:

root@kali:/media/sf_CTFs/bsidestlv/Where_no_man_has_GOne_before# ./revengme
Enter your password:test
Don't Worry, Relax, Chill and Try harder

We need to enter a password. Time to view the disassembly.

Since this is a golang binary, we'll use the golang_renamer.py script to restores function names from the stripped Go binary.

After the dust from running the script settles, we can take a look at the main.main implementation. It's long and complicated, but a single function call stands out:

  if ((lVar9 == lVar7) &&
                 lVar7,(char)uVar8), uVar2 = extraout_DL_05, (char)uVar8 != '\0')) {
    local_f0 = 0x1e;
    local_f8 = &DAT_0049a600;
    fmt_Fprintln_4822C0(pplVar6,(undefined *)puVar5,extraout_DL_07,0x60,in_R8B,in_R9B,

A single memequal call in a program that requests a password? That's worth a breakpoint.

gdb-peda$ b *0x00488e99
Breakpoint 2 at 0x488e99
gdb-peda$ r
Starting program: /media/sf_CTFs/bsidestlv/Where_no_man_has_GOne_before/revengme 
[New LWP 1766]
[New LWP 1767]
Enter your password:aaaaaaaaaa
RAX: 0xc00001c0f0 ("BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}")
RBX: 0x26 ('&')
RCX: 0xa ('\n')
RDX: 0x26 ('&')
RSI: 0xc00001c0c0 ("BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}")
RDI: 0xc00001c0f0 ("BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}")
RBP: 0xc00006af88 --> 0xc00006af90 --> 0x4299fc (mov    eax,DWORD PTR [rip+0x14d62e]        # 0x577030)
RSP: 0xc00006ad88 --> 0xc00006ae22 --> 0xe6fed9cfcec3f9e8 
RIP: 0x488e99 (cmp    QWORD PTR [rsp+0x20],rcx)
R8 : 0x1 
R9 : 0x0 
R10: 0xc00001c0f0 ("BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}")
R11: 0x0 
R12: 0xffffffffffffffff 
R13: 0x6 
R14: 0x5 
R15: 0xaa
EFLAGS: 0x212 (carry parity ADJUST zero sign trap INTERRUPT direction overflow)
   0x488e8a:    call   0x488af0
   0x488e8f:    mov    rax,QWORD PTR [rsp+0x18]
   0x488e94:    mov    rcx,QWORD PTR [rsp+0x40]
=> 0x488e99:    cmp    QWORD PTR [rsp+0x20],rcx
   0x488e9e:    je     0x488f52
   0x488ea4:    lea    rax,[rsp+0xc0]
   0x488eac:    mov    QWORD PTR [rsp],rax
   0x488eb0:    mov    QWORD PTR [rsp+0x8],0x28
0000| 0xc00006ad88 --> 0xc00006ae22 --> 0xe6fed9cfcec3f9e8 
0008| 0xc00006ad90 --> 0x26 ('&')
0016| 0xc00006ad98 --> 0x26 ('&')
0024| 0xc00006ada0 --> 0xc00001c0f0 ("BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}")
0032| 0xc00006ada8 --> 0x26 ('&')
0040| 0xc00006adb0 --> 0x0 
0048| 0xc00006adb8 --> 0x0 
0056| 0xc00006adc0 --> 0x0 
Legend: code, data, rodata, value

Thread 1 "revengme" hit Breakpoint 2, 0x0000000000488e99 in ?? ()

We hit the breakpoint and the flag is all over the place.

root@kali:/media/sf_CTFs/bsidestlv/Where_no_man_has_GOne_before# ./revengme
Enter your password:BSidesTLV{revenge is best served cold}
You Cracked it, A Hero is born